My name is Victor, This is the stained glass window into my world.
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    Happily Married/Happily Boyfriended. Happily Tumbling to over 18,000 Followers. Why don’t you follow This Is Why I’m Bi?

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    dogs deserve to live forever

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  • standarded:

    I wish I could just press the restart button on some people

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  • earloffabulousness:

    When i was little i wanted to grow up to be a disney princess but im pretty sure i just became Yzma 


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  • coffeepeople:

    if you are attracted to me you are required by law to tell me. 

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  • perspectave:

    im only motivated to sort out my life when i have good music playing

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  • notjackwhite:


    "I just saw the camera and did. I was imagining myself as if I were Lady Gaga and that nobody could destroy me. "- Brendan Jordan to the Today Show

    honestly what an icon

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  • starlightlady:

    there is a reason I’m single and it’s called my face

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    Best Tumblr Responses 

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  • shouldnt:

    the fact that teachers actually expect you to do homework is annoying

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  • escape-to-art:

    Color pencil portraits by @ Vsantaolalla


  • dolewhipofdisney:

    why does everyone give Iggy Azalea so much crap for being a white female rapper???? I honesty just don’t understand. She’s no Nikki Minaj but at least she’s living the dream defying gravity in an industry that shoots down women for being rappers and basically just degrades women altogether.